We Are Blogging!: and I have no Idea!

Hey Guys so here we go! We Are Blogging! Are we Blogging? I guess this is Blogging?

(Insert 10 Shoulder Shrug Emojis Here)

Anyway for starters I AM NOT a WRITER. So all these words are just me talking out loud in my head and letting my fingers and keyboard run the show. This would be the perfect time to think of my voice and just read this as if I am talking directly to you.

I Love this creative life! I would love to make it a full time job. This blog is going to be just a close written journey of mine about life and my journey to becoming a full time creative.

Why a Creative?

There are so many things I love and would love to do as a full time job. I have an Associates Degree in Graphic Design with some completed Photography Courses. So what have I done with that you ask? NOTHING.....Nothing at all. I have a very small minor photography business and I create Invitations and Logos here and there but nothing on the professional level. As I have grown in my own professional career working in healthcare I have come to find that working corporate life is just not for me. I want to work for myself and grow something I am proud of and venture out to work WITH other companies and not FOR other companies. So what to do????

During my journey to weight loss surgery I dove into the World of YouTube. I knew YT as a place to go find videos to help me fix my car or funny videos to make the day go by but never saw YT as an option to start a business or company or an outlet for my creative self.

I locked into a few channels like Beleaf In Fatherhood and Sarah Rae Vargas and came to the realization that it is possible to make a career out of becoming a creative/ YouTuber.

So here I am I just had weight loss surgery and I wanted to share my story. I start a Instagram and begin to build and then I said to myself lets start a YouTube Channel! So I did but I sat on it for a while then sadly realized I was terrible at creating weight loss content. So being the obsessed fan I was of Sarah Rae Vargas I said to myself I can create fashion hauls I love to shop so this is really something I can do. We are now here 350+ subscribers and growing! Yes that's not a lot but I celebrate all my small wins! So to end this 1st Blog post I leave you guys with my highest viewed video on the Tube! Enjoy!

I'll catch you guys in the next one!

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