Sponsored YouTube Video!

Wait! What???? SPONSORED YouTube Video?? Its crazy to be writing about this so soon in this YouTube Journey But it happened and I hope the momentum does not end. So how it happened......It was as simple as a Instagram DM. So yes I get a ton of Instagram Companies reaching out wanting me to buy their products and promising a coupon code for my followers. I fell for one of those "Partnerships" earlier in my Instagram growth but the item didn't fit so I was unable to post about it. This time was different Meet.Curve reached out stating they were willing to allow me to pick 2 items to do at least 4min and send them 2 Instagram Pics to post. I was skeptical so I went to YouTube looking for other Tubers or Bloggers that have worked with the brand and I asked a tons of questions a lot of the ladies got back to me and I was on my way! I responded to their email agreeing to do the video. I sent them my picks of swim items and the rest is history. The items came in no time I didn't have to pay for ANYTHING! I agreed to have the video done in a week and I satisfied the commitment. I hope this leads to more work with them and work with other brands as well. Of course my dream brand at the moment is Torrid! So hears to future partnerships with Torrid!

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