About the Blogger

Hi! I'm Regina, a serious Shopper.

Let's just start with I LOVE JEANS! American Eagle Jeans to be specific.

Now that's out of the way. Hi I'm Regina with Reggi's Vsg Closet! And I am back to you with another HAUL....
Wait No! This is the BLOG not the YouTube Channel.

Gosh I will get myself together and organized one day. Until then Join me on this journey called Life.

Here you will find content on Weight Loss (That's the VSG in the name) I am a weight loss surgery patient.
I am about 1.5 years out and I love to talk about my experience for others that are interested in the process.

You will also find content on Life Style...What actually is Life Style? To be honest my life is bland and boring I am no Big Salad eating Kardashian but some of you guys may find my shenanigans somewhat funny.

What's Next ooooo VLOGS just like BLOGS But. In. Video. Form....oooooo.....aahhhhhhh.

Click Here for those:


Last but not least because I am a total shopper and I love to share my finds FASHION HAULS!
Now fashion hauls are best shown on the Tube.....Yes I know! But here we talk about trends and key pieces I find and want to share from my current hauls. More of like an in dept view of what I bought and why.
I hope this was enough info for you guys to get to know me if not fill out that contact form and ask away.


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